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Deleaker: an extension for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 easily detects resource/memory leaks, localizes
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8 September 2014

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This is a program debug tool.

Deleaker shows the exact line in source code listing where a leak happened. That helps resolve the problem very quickly and easily. Deleaker is a run-time error detection and debugging tool for Visual C++ developers. Deleaker can be used as an add-in for Visual Studio. Analyzing programming errors, including a lot of them that are Visual C++ specific, could be detected. You can detect and localize resource leaks such as memory, GDI and USER objects, handles, etc. Resource leak is a class of problems that could be very irritating. Windows-based application needs to be made robust against them. These leaks always appear sooner or later to cause malfunction in your software system. Such resource leaks are usually the toughest ones to find; particularly when they are present in graphics device interface (GDI) objects and menus. Detecting these as soon as possible is an economic imperative as it is less expensive to detect a problem early in the development life cycle.

There are tools available that can help detect memory leaks. But there are very few good tools to help track GDI resource leaks. These leaks can cause a heavy performance penalty on Windows applications unless corrected early on. This tool is able to detect all types of leaks. These include memory leaks (produced by heap, virtual memory, or OLE allocators, etc.), GDI leaks, leaks of Windows USER objects and handles. As this tool gets well integrated into the Visual Studio IDE, it becomes easy to find all the problems. You are able to see a list of all allocated objects. Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013 are supported. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Deleaker is a useful extension for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 that helps you to analyze programming errors, many of which are unique to Visual C++. Deleaker is a great tool for Visual C++ developers who occasionally have trouble detecting resource leaks and debugging their applications. With Deleaker, you can detect and localize resource leaks in memory, GDI and USER objects, handles, with no appreciable slow down to your application.
Debugging has always been a headache for program developers. As bugs go, some of the most difficult to find are leaks, especially in graphics device interface (GDI) objects and menus. Even a small leak can drown the ship of your system's performance. You cannot afford to miss even a single one.
Deleaker is an effective solution to this problem. First, it provides you with information on all GDI objects created while your application is running. For almost all of these objects, you will get a full stack, which helps you to see where exactly in the source code each GDI object was created. A simple double click on the stack entry and the editor will open the file with source code at the corresponding line. Next comes the most important point: when your application exits, Deleaker will provide you with a list of GDI objects that were created but that were not deleted.
Plenty of tools exist to help track down memory leaks, but there are very few good tools to help track GDI resource leaks that can ruin performance on any Windows operating system. And all of them have one major problem, they tremendously slow down the performance of your application. Deleaker is tightly integrated into the Visual Studio development environment and you can be sure that it will not affect the speed of your application. Leaks are possible, even in robust Windows-based applications. Deleaker will find them for you.
Version 3.0.10
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